Brandy Oldale

I am writing today, to introduce myself to you, the membership of Kinderplace, explain a little bit about myself and how I became a member of the Board of Directors.

I am Brandy Oldale, Peyton and Macye’s mom. These two little ladies attend the before and after school program at Kinderplace. I was born and raised in Thunder Bay Ontario. I have three wonderful kiddos Peyton age 9, Macye age 7 and Zakery age 15. Time flies and I can’t believe how fast they grow up. I love travelling and just being outdoors camping with my kids. Being a mom is the most important job I could have and to be part of the decision making at their childcare organization is a great opportunity. My children have been with Kinderplace for 8 plus years. 

I am an Administrative Assistant with Public Health Ontario, Regional IPAC Team North. I have been in this organization for over 14 years. 

I have been on the Kinderplace Board for five or six years now, and really value being part of this group of amazing people. At first I was nervous to be on a board of directors, but the others on the board made me feel welcome. 

Not only do we get to assist with decision making, but we also get to give our ideas/opinions on how to make Kinderplace the best place for our children to be. My children have been in other daycare centres, and I strongly believe that Kinderplace is the best daycare in Thunder Bay. The staff are amazing with these kids and really put them first. 

Being on the Kinderplace board, not only gives me opportunities to learn new things, but also gives me an opportunity to take on roles I wouldn’t necessarily be taking on in other circumstances such as being vice-chair. It is a great opportunity to make new friends, and gain insight into your children’s child care environment. Our board, is filled with many outstanding individuals who bring knowledge from all areas of life such as HR experience, policy development, financial expertise etc. 

We are a great group of individuals and we are excited to have you join us. Hope to see you at the A.G.M. on December 6, 2018.