Priority will be given to children requiring full time care otherwise, admission is based on a first come, first serve basis at the discretion of the Executive Director/Supervisor.

A parent/guardian interview is arranged for families requesting registration. During this interview, topics such as, feeding, dressing, sleep routines are discussed, so that the Centre is aware of how these routines are handled at home, and how they may be continued, or modified, in the day care setting. The Executive Director/ Supervisor/Designate will review the policies of the Centre, and answer any questions that the parent or guardian may have. Families are also invited to visit the Centre at this time. Your child’s introduction to Child Care will vary according to their age. The transition to the Centre will be more pleasant, if arrangements can be made for the parent and child to visit the centre prior to their starting date.

Kinderplace Child Care Centre requests written notice of at least 14 consecutive days prior to your child's last day. A space may not be guaranteed, if you temporarily wish to withdraw your child. The child's name will be added to the priority waiting list. Parents who withdraw their child for the summer, and plan to return in September, may put their child on a priority waiting list.