Admissions & Withdrawals

Waitlist Policy

Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. enrolls children from the One-List, a community wait-list that is found at It is mandatory that all clients register on this waitlist. There is no fee required to be on the waitlist.

We will make every effort to get back to families who are requesting to know where their child is on the waitlist in a timely manner.

The Executive Director/Supervisor/Designate offers spots as they become available based on the following criteria:

1. Priority is given to a family requiring a full-time spot.

If a family is at the top of the waitlist but is only looking for a part-time space, the family will be given the option to accept or decline the available full-time space before we move onto the next child on the list.

2. Priority is given to siblings of children who are enrolled in one of the Kinderplace programs.

Siblings must still be registered on the One-List

3. If there is not anyone looking for a full-time space the Executive Director, Supervisor/Designate may offer part-time care to families that have complementary schedules. For example: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday family matched with a Wednesday, Friday family. This will ensure maximum use of available spaces.

When families accept a childcare space at Kinderplace, a parent/guardian/child visit is arranged for families to come into the program to meet the staff and a tour of our facility. During this visit, topics such as feeding, dressing, sleep routines, and child temperament are discussed. Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. will, when possible, incorporate/modify these “home” routines, to make the transition to daycare smoother for the child.

At this time as well, The Executive Director/Supervisor/Designate will review the more common policies of Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. and answer any questions that the parent/guardian may have.

Families are also invited to visit Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. website at for further information on our Childcare centre and to access the parent handbook, forms, etc.

Your child’s introduction to childcare will vary according to their age. The transition to Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. will be more pleasant if arrangements can be made for the parent/guardian and child to visit Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. prior to their starting date.
Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc. requests written notice of at least fourteen (14) consecutive days prior to your child’s last day. Space may not be guaranteed, if you temporarily wish to withdraw your child. Your child’s name will be added to the priority waiting list. Parents/guardians who withdraw their child for the summer, and plan to return in September, may put their child on a priority waiting list.