Primary/Junior Before and After School Programs

In this program educators continue to build trusting relationships with the children to support them in their everyday life. Conversations and observations help educators plan and implement fun and meaningful activities, along with the balance of free choice and down time from the busy school day. We also offer PA Day full day care in this program that requires parents to sign up in advance. Children and educators work together to plan activities and field trips for these days based upon the interests of the program.

The age definitions for the Primary/Junior Program are six (6) years of age up to their twelfth (12) birthday, with a sub-category of Junior being defined as nine (9) years of age up to their twelfth (12) birthday, if numbers permit.

Children will be encouraged to pursue hobbies. They will be allowed unstructured time and privacy for reading, homework, or small social groups. Children will be encouraged to develop independence in life skills.

In the Primary/Junior Program is fifteen (15) to one (1) during the main part of the day. During the first thirty (30) minutes after the opening and the last thirty (30) minutes prior to Kinderplace Childcare Centre Inc.’s closing the ratio can go to twenty-three (23) to one (1) to allow for staff shift changes (indoors only).

A satellite after-school program is also available at Ecolé Gron Morgan School.